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Could you save costs by making employees rent cars instead of using a chauffeur service?


Business executives’ travel costs are often put under scrutiny when budgets are squeezed.  Cutting airport chauffeur transport for business executives for business trips initially presents as a quick win. Here we look at the real life cost of these two options.

John works for a large multinational retail organisation. Twice a month he needs to travel to the UK. Last month, instead of the usual chauffeur waiting at the airport to pick him up, the company had paid for a rental car for him. This is John’s story:

Renting a car for business trip

Strolling over to the hire car desk on arrival, there are three people already in the queue. A 35 minute wait, several forms signed, driving licence checked and John is delighted to be united with the key for his rented car. It’s a Mercedes. Great!

 A 10 minute wait for the transfer bus to bring him to the hire car carpark, John is getting a little bit stressed. The bus arrives and a brief 11 minutes later John has finally arrived at the hire car parking lot.

 Parking space 301 is home to his Mercedes. Where is 301? Fives minutes walking up lines of parked cars and there it is. Seat belt on and engine started. One problem – John’s never driven this model before. How do you release the handbrake? Quick google search and bingo! Next, log in to Google maps – what’s the best route? Oh jeez there’s road works. Is there an alternative route?

 It’s now over one hour since John was in the airport arrivals hall and he is still at the airport! Luckily John is very organised and has given himself plenty of time. His meeting is in two hours so he won’t be late (he reassures himself). Unfortunately the work he had planned to get through before the meeting and emails he wanted to reply to will now have to wait until tonight.

 After a difficult journey through heavy traffic and two diversions he arrives for his meeting. John is feeling a bit anxious and is already exhausted. He hasn’t enough change for the parking meter. He needs to download the city’s parking app – which takes an age. Now he just needs to input the car registration details into the app – which of course he doesn’t know off hand!

The meeting goes well. After a breakfast meeting the following morning, John sets off in the rental car for the airport. Google maps out again. Stop to refuel the car. Park in rental car returns carpark. Wait for bus back to airport departures. Luckily his flight’s not delayed– homeward bound.

Chauffeur driven executive travel services

Lauren is a regular business traveler for the healthcare company she works for. She travels for business an average of three times a month. Her company books a chauffeur company for her business trips.

On arrival, Lauren spots the smartly dressed chauffeur with her name in large letters on a board. He takes her bag and they walk five minutes to the chauffeur car. Lauren sits in the back, takes her shoes off and opens her laptop to get some urgent work completed on route to her meeting. She arrives at her meeting, prepared, relaxed and in good time.

The next day, the same driver arrives to pick Lauren up and conveniently drops her right to the door of the airport. She takes her bag and hops on the plane – homeward bound.

Not everything is as it seems at first glance. Consider the hidden costs of renting a car – fuel, extra taxes, added daily insurance, parking charges, time, stress, pressure, safety and risks – and the initial ‘cheap’ option of a hire car may well cost double.

Which journey experience would you prefer – John’s or Lauren’s? Be honest!

Club Class Chauffeurs was established in 1992 to service the needs of the national UK corporate market. It is a unique multi-award winning ground transport organisation specialising in airport, seaport and long distance transfers throughout the UK.



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